Mulberry tea 800 gram lose tea direkt from Thailand delivery time 10 to 14 days info in English

950 kr

900 sek total price for 800 gram lose tea mulberry tea for one year

Baimon Tea is a vibrant company but with traditional ideas.

Mulberry Tea

Realising the true extraordinary benefits of Mulberry Tea, our search took us throughout Asia for the very best tasting Mulberry Green Tea.Mulberry leaves grown from their established plantations on the foothills of North West Thailand, make for the most delicious and delicate Mulberry Green Tea.



Few other teas can offer such a wide range of health benefits. 
In East Asia, mulberry leaf tea is known as a possible aid in reducing cholesterol, 
high blood pressure and controlling blood sugar levels. 
Powerful glucose blockers prevent the body from absorbing many common sugars so it is an excellent 
aid in managing diabetes and also weight loss.

Mulberry tea delivery directly from the heart of Thailand. 
Every order is sent using the Thai Recorded Postal system, 
to be delivered within ten to fourteen days We currently ship to Scandinavia and the UK. 
If you live outside this area, please contact our Thai or Swedish office 
and we will be happy to assist you. Click on a package for details and if you want to order, 
add it to your cart, complete the ordering process, and we'll ship it to you right away! 
Of course you pay in Swedish money to my Swedish bank, if you order from 
Sweden you can swisha 0728834439 Kjell Gyllsten